Civic Education

  • Photo: Kabita Thapa/ FES Nepal
    Photo: Kabita Thapa/ FES Nepal

Trust in democratic institutions and procedures is an essential factor for resilient peace at all levels of government. After local elections in 2017, hopes are high that the process of decentralization underway takes the diversity of the Nepalese society into account and conflicts can be managed in a non-violent way. The civic education activities of the FES are geared toward promoting democratic values and principles as well as participation and open-mindedness overcoming discrimination and inequalities based on gender, ethnicity, class, and caste.

By enabling citizens to understand their role as a source of power in a democratic system, they can judge the performance of their leaders and hold them responsible according to the existing laws. FES offers non-partisan education designed to promote and inspire responsible action and behaviour in favour of development.

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